REM Rehab Sleep Recovery Ebook


REM Rehab, teaches you my lifestyle, nutrition and supplement protocols that optimize deep, restful sleep every night. After not finding any helpful information from the mainstream medical community on sleep, I used my clinical, research and personal experience to write this.

See, conventional medicine only offers sleeping pills and other pharmaceutical drugs to help you "sleep". Really what they're doing is putting you into a coma-like state where you do not wake up feeling rested. Sleeping drugs like Ambien and others do not allow you to properly cycle through the stages of sleep including the REM phase.

The books outline:

1) Introduction to REM Rehab

2) At Your Worst - What Happens When You Don't Sleep Well

3) Slumber Slip Ups - Common Mistakes That Interfere With Sleep

4) Eating for Sleeping - Top Nutritional Hacks for Better Sleep

5) Calibrate Your Cave - Optimizing Your Bedroom for Restful Sleep

6) Revamp Your Routine - Night Time Routines Guaranteed to Help You Sleep Better

7) Hack Your Hibernation - Supplement Protocols for Improved Sleep and Brain Function