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Most supplements are filled with junk. Not ours.

Our GMP-certified manufacturers work exclusively with health care providers to make products with the upmost purity, potency, and safety.

Thousands of humans have taken their health back.

Our products were originally created for our functional medicine clients. Our products worked so good we had to share them with everyone.

Tried and tested by Functional Practitioners.

Evan's products are in doctor's offices around the world used with clinical success. Take control and stock these items in your pantry.

Clients love Us

If you want to get better and not waste time, get tested and use Evan's knowledge to assist with the action plan. I guessed, and began building my supplement graveyard, but should have tested right away. I even tried to create my own action plan according to the results of the GI Map...glad I didn't buy more supplements because Evan's additional input was priceless. Looking forward to the results of this next protocol. Thanks team!!! Jeremy


Evan is one of the smartest and most compassionate functional health practitioners out there. He partners with you to get to the root cause of what ails you. We have been working together for about 10 month. I have experienced improvements in energy, sleep and mood after struggling with chronic Lyme and insomnia. After taking a mycotoxin test, he pinpointed the cause of some lingering symptoms including strange pin-prick electrical pain, muscle cramping and memory problems. I'm SO grateful!


I've worked with Evan since late 2017. He's a great listener, genuine, heart-centered, intuitive/perceptive, and truly loves what he does. Since focusing on my gut health and detoxification, I've experienced many health benefits. My gut infections are gone, my liver works better (hormone issues have cleared up), I have more energy, I handle stress better, and I'm more aware of and in tune with my body's needs. I've also lost weight as a side effect. I am sincerely grateful for his support!