Oasis Daily Candle

5 oz.

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Oasis Daily Candle uses hot dispensing of natural botanicals to quickly treat mold, yeast, and bacteria. Rely on our specially formulated soy-based candles to help maintain a pleasant environment. They emit a safe, odorless concentrate of citrus and vegetable extract.

Whether at home, work, or traveling, you can easily create comfortable surroundings to help you relax and thrive. Produced in a tin container with a lid.

 May last up to 16-17 hours.


Oasis products are a mixture of natural ingredients that pose no health risk to you, your children, or your pets. 


• Emits a safe, odorless concentrate of citrus and vegetable extract
• Can aid in the treatment of mold
• Can be used for maintenance


Soy-Wax with Lead-Free Wick

Aura Botanical Blend

Includes citrus seed extracts

Other ingredients


Recommended Use

To ensure the complete burning of this candle, please keep the candle lit for at least 2 hours during each use. We typically recommend burning the candle for 2 hours in a 12’ x 12’ room (~150 ft2) and moving it from room to room until all areas are treated. It is an effective treatment that only requires 4 hours to treat each room.

If worried about leaving an open flame, place the candle inside a large pot and move the pot from room to room. It is safe for you and your pets to remain in the room while it is being treated.