This combination kit takes (1) first-morning urine sample and will result in (2) reports: an Organic Acids Test with the MYCOTOX test.

With one urine sample, we will get over 100 biomarkers to investigate mitochondrial function, amino acids, mycotoxin exposure, neurotransmitters, and more. 

Results may take 2-4 weeks to be ready.


  • Select the Organic Acids Test (OAT) and MycoTox on the form - not the GPL-TOX

  • Select "bill physician"

  • We do not work with insurance

  • Standard shipping fee within the US is $9.99. The corresponding shipping fee will apply for international orders.

  • We also offer these test by Great Plains Laboratory:
    • OAT
    • MycoTox
    • GPL-TOX
    • Glyphosate
    • OAT + MycoTox + GPL-TOX
    • OAT + GPL-TOX
    • Urine Metals 24-Hour



How to Order:

Email us at office@evanbrand.com to order an OAT + MycoTox kit or send a message through evanbrand.com/contact!