Reduced L-Glutathione Plus


Reduced L-Glutathione Plus™ is specifically engineered for enhanced absorption and is comfortably ideal for lung, nasal, and other soft tissues. There are No fillers, excipients, preservatives, or additives in this product.


Can be used for:
• Skin whitening
• Lung
• Brain
• Detox


Reduced Glutathione

Sodium Bicarbonate

Recommended Use

Mix it when you need it so it’s always fresh. Break capsule/s open and empty the content into a container/cup. Add 3 ml (~1/2 tsp) distilled or DI water or pure saline solution to the container/cup. Let agitate briefly until the solution is clear. It’s now ready to use.

Water to capsule ratio:

1-3 capsules: 3 ml water
4 capsules: 4 ml water
5 capsules: 5 ml water
6 capsules: 6 ml water

NOTE: When mixed with distilled or DI water or saline solution, Reduced L-Glutathione Plus™ becomes isotonic, making it comfortably ideal for lung, nasal, and other soft tissue contact.

TIPS: The capsules should separate easily by gently squeezing on the larger portion and twisting. If you have trouble gripping the capsule in your fingers, a tablet cutter or straight razor can be helpful. Add powder into container/cup before liquids.