Oasis Cleaning Solution

16 oz.

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Mild but Powerful Multi-Purpose Cleaner 

This 16 oz concentrate makes 1 gallon and can be used as a spray around the house to clean, purify and deodorize. Removes mold and other toxins.


Oasis products are a mixture of natural ingredients that pose no health risk to you, your children, or your pets. The Material Safety Data Sheet for Oasis demonstrates this by listing no hazards. 


• Safe for use around chemically sensitive people, kids, and pets. (Diluted solution can be safely be sprayed on people and pets)
• Can remove mold and other toxins
• Cleans, purifies, and deodorizes
• Can be used on all materials, surfaces, and fabrics


Filtered Water

Aura Botanical Blend

includes citrus seed extracts

Other Ingredients


Recommended Use

Gently pour Oasis Cleaning Solution into
filtered or spring water (non‐chlorinated)
to make multi‐purpose cleaning solution.

16 oz bottle makes 1 gallon
1 cup makes 1/2 gallon
1/2 cup makes 1 quart
1/4 cup makes 2 cups

Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes.

Can be used on countertops, tubs, showers, shower curtains, beds, bedding, cribs, bassinets, closets, washers, dryers, rinse cycles, HEPA filters, AC vents, furnace filters, carpets, upholstery, pillows, diaper pails, high chairs, draperies, floors, cutting boards, refrigerators, lunch boxes, school bags, trash cans, auto, sneakers, golf shoes, gloves, campers, duffel bags, picnic baskets, thermos bottles, hockey, ski masks, football helmets . . . . . and MORE!