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Oasis Laundry Solution

32 oz

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Specifically formulated to be used on washable clothes contaminated by mold, this environmentally-friendly, super-concentrated laundry liquid delivers optimum cleaning power with just 1/8th cup per load.

One bottle will treat and clean 32 loads. It is well suited for hot and cold cycles in traditional washers, front-loading washers, and high-efficiency washers.


Recommended Use

1 oz per Load

> We recommend 1 oz for a normal load. Adjust as needed for larger loads. Scoop included with Oasis Laundry Solution.

> Front or Top Loader, Standard or High-Efficiency (HE): Works with any washing machine, any water temperature, and any color or whites.

> Soak 1 Hour for Deep Cleaning:
For heavily contaminated clothing, fill the washing machine and pause before wash. Let soak with Oasis Laundry Solution for 1 hour.