ZEPA5000 TURBO Air Purifer

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Silent Night uses the new ZEPA Technology to silently combat respiratory issues by creating a contaminant-free zone that utilizes no moving parts! By utilizing an electrodynamic laminar flow to circulate air, Silent Night can operate at optimal performance levels 24 hours a day while utilizing less energy than a small porchlight. What makes Silent Night stand out from the rest, is that it can remove dangerous particles from the air you breathe at a rate of 12,000 cubic feet per hour! That means 100% of the air in a 400sq ft room is purified every hour!

ElectroDynamic Air Cleaning Technology 
Virtually silent, fanless, contaminant-free air propulsion.
ZEPA Filtration Technology
ZEPA (Zephyr ElectroDynamic Particulate Arrestment).
The ZEPA-500 has two replaceable filters. The ZEPA-1 Back Filter substantially reduces larger particulate. The ZEPA-2 Front Filter produces Silent Night’s contaminant-free air. 
Electrical and Ozone Safety 
45 watts. Silent Night exceeds the Energy Star requirement by a wide margin. In compliance with worldwide regulations CSA/CE/UL867.  Input, 90V-240V 26v (class 2) ultra-protection all country low voltage wall
adapter. Silent Night ZEPA-500 meets ozone safety standards in California, Canada and around the world.  Ozone output tested at zero as shipped by the manufacturer.
CADR Clean Air Delivery Rate
IBR, a certified AHAM Independent Lab, tested Silent Night at 197.2 Smoke CADR cubic feet per minute, the equivalent of 12,000 cubic feet per hour. Silent Night delivers 4 air exchanges per hour in a 400 square foot room.
UL type 94VO ABS plastic with appliance finish
6 lbs…..14” H x 11” W x 5.5” D
The Ionizer is an optional carbon fiber emitter designed for commercial or extended area use, where you can place the Silent Night 6 feet from any wall. The Ionizer tube is at the top left of the Front Grille.
Sound Level Testing
Virtually zero dBA for the Fanless Silent Night using patented 21st century
ElectroDynamic air propulsion.

Weekly or when needed, activate the unique internal cleaning mechanism by inverting your unit 6 or more times to allow the beads to clean the internal wires. Twice a month, remove front and back filters and vacuum.