The EMF Reduction Super Duty Power Perfect Box


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This is a whole house dirty electricity filter.

I used to have 20 Stetzer filters in my house, and now, I don't need them since I have this installed. It reduced the dirty electricity throughout the entire home by hundreds of points as verified by the Stetzer Microsurge Meter.

The Power Perfect Box is a comprehensive electrical system solution that synchronizes the electricity for all of the loads in the panel for maximum energy efficiency, robust surge protection, voltage regulating line conditioning and real-time amp reducing phase correction, reduce negative harmonics, and provides EMF reduction between 60-90%. We have units tailored to suit your residential or commercial needs.

NOTE: The single-phase Power Perfect Box Standard Unit accommodates up to 2500 sq ft. and the single-phase Power Perfect Box SD accommodates 2500 sq ft or greater. Custom units are available for larger areas.

PDF Form that you can print:

Single Phase Wiring Instructions

The Power Perfect Box is to easy to install, has consistent track records, and has been proven by 3rd party testing and thousands of customers nationwide in homes and businesses to reduce consumption while making devices run smoother, cooler, and last longer. We have products for homes as well as commercial applications and are very proud of the fact that the line is made right here in the U.S.A. for international distribution.

The Power Perfect Box installs directly into your power panel and immediately gets to work by synchronizing the electricity for all of the loads in the panel for maximum energy efficiency, asset performance, and protection in your home or business. Controlling Electricity Maximizes Power Availability by Distributing clean electricity throughout the grid and will begin to invert that ratio and make available previously inaccessible power that already exists within our grid as waste, without mining or burning anything. In short, your home or business only uses what it needs and reduces power consumption by making your power perfect. 

What is a reliable way to tell if your electrical service is single-phase or three-phase?

Residential electrical service is a single phase (3-wires, 240V) more than 99% of the time. But there is that rare exception to watch out for. If the house is from the mid-20th century, it may still have a type of three-phase service called “high-leg delta” (4-wires, 208V), which was necessary for air conditioning compressors of the era; or, it could be a newer home built for a hobbyist whose man-cave requires three-phase for heavy-duty machinery.


  • Direct Energy Savings - instant reduction in the energy consumed by every load in a panel powered with clean electricity

  • Indirect Energy Savings - Supplying every load with ideal power conditions makes them operate as designed, uninterrupted in their work performance and increases the work output and efficiency

  • Minimizes Demand Charges - immediately reduces and distributes power consumption across all phases for the lowest possible demand charges without incorporating energy storage

  • Eliminates Utility Penalties - Clean electricity is perfectly balanced and synchronized at all times and not subject to power quality-related utility penalties in any market

  • Sustainable Real-Time Surge Protection - provides sustainable Real-Time robust surge and transient protection for the entire panel

  • Non-Invasive Installation Maintenance-Free Operation - The Power Perfect Box series controller is quickly and non-invasive installation into power panels and can be done in 20 minutes without disrupting power and does not require any maintenance

  • Lower EMF - Eliminates 60-90% of electromagnetic frequencies or “radiation.” If you know what “EMF” is, then you most likely know why this is a huge health perk

  • You can take it with you - If you move, you simply take the Power Perfect Box with you, putting it to work in your new home or business. If you’re new digs are larger, we can add to it. It’s a sound investment that will benefit you in the short and long term

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