Loving Energy®


Used for relieving stress and exhaustion, for support of the lungs and the adrenal system, which in turn balances the body's histamine response.

This tonic is especially effective for parents and teachers, artists and healers, and those who meditate regularly or care for another, as it restores vital creative energy when one is giving rather than receiving. Adrenal fatigue is considered a "Kidney Deficient" pattern in Chinese herbology, and you could be both Kidney Yin Deficient, as well as Kidney Yang Deficient. Loving Energy® is perfect for individuals who are anxious, tired, overwhelmed with a touch of brain fog or for individuals who experience the seasonal sniffles. Loving Energy® has also been shown to provide an excellent buffering effect when used during detox.*


• Replenishes adrenals*
• Supports the lungs and kidneys*
• Restores creative energy*
• Relieves stress and exhaustion*
• Balances histamine response*
• Improves focus and feeling of well-being*
• Recommended for children and adults*


Loving Energy™ Ingredients

Certified organic solomon seal root, eleuthro root, reishi mushroom, licorice root, polygonatum root, schizandra berry, purified water, and 20% grain neutral spirits as a preservative.

Recommended Use

Children & Adults: 1 to 3 droppers three to five times per day, or as desired. Regular use produces a more powerful effect.

If pregnant or nursing consult a health care professional. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf Life: 3 years
Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.