Boluoke® (lumbrokinase)


The only fully researched oral enzyme on the market supporting a healthier blood state, and it shows great promise in supporting a healthy coagulation/fibrinolysis balance in the body. Coagulation system is a complicated and highly regulated system. Modern lifestyles often tip the balance towards hypercoagulation and rarely towards hypocoagulation. For most people, Boluoke® can support the body in keeping the system in a more balanced state. Some practitioners are also recommending Boluoke® for those who choose to be on hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, and for those who could not tolerate standard preventative pharmaceutical drugs.


• Boluoke may support a healthier blood state by aiding coagulation & fibrinolysis balance in the body

• Improves hypercoagulation (a thicker blood state) by supporting, regulating & balancing coagulation system

• Effective for acute, sub-acute & chronic conditions with thicker blood & poor circulation


Proprietary lumbrokinase

Boluoke is an extensively researched fibrinolytic supplement made with lumbrokinase, an enzyme extracted from earthworms.

Lumbrokinase that has been used for centuries in ancient and traditional medicine. Modern research suggests it may support cardiovascular health, normal clotting factors, and circulatory functions in the brain, heart, and cells of the body.

Other Ingredients

acid resistant hypromellose capsules, microcrystalline cellulose.

Recommended Use

1-2 capsules, one to three times daily on an empty stomach or as directed by your practitioner.