Prenatal Essentials (180 caps)
Prenatal Essentials (180 caps)

Prenatal Essentials (180 caps)

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Methylated Multivitamin for Women

Prenatal Essentials is the only prenatal multivitamin on the market to use NatureFolate™, a blend of natural folates, in place of synthetic folic acid and other folate varieties.

The minerals chosen for Prenatal Essentials offer superior absorption compared to minerals typically found in prenatal multivitamins.

A six-capsule dose of Prenatal Essentials provides adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium, critical for healthy bone and muscle development at all life stages, but particularly during pregnancy and lactation.

The inclusion of healthy amounts of vitamins D and K allows for the proper directing of calcium to the bones and teeth and not to soft tissues. Chelated iron (as Ferrochel® ferrous bisglycinate chelate) was chosen for Prenatal Essentials due to its high bioavailability and excellent tolerability, as well as for not causing gastric upset or constipation, as many iron supplements do.

Maternal iodine sufficiency is critical for the neuropsychological development of offspring, and it is not uncommon for women in North America to have suboptimal iodine status.

Iodine deficiency in infancy may lead to learning disability and lowered achievement motivation.

The iodine, selenium, and vitamin A in this formula all contribute to healthy maternal thyroid function, as compromised thyroid function may lead to impaired motor and intellectual development in infants.

Prenatal Essentials is also formulated to prevent the fatigue that is so common during pregnancy. Eating small meals every few hours will help keep blood sugar levels stable and will help prevent nausea common in pregnancy. Vitamin B6, found in our formula is known to support this as well.

Additionally, B6 along with magnesium may facilitate the maintenance of healthy maternal blood pressure and fluid balance.

Who should take Prenatal Essentials?

Women wishing to build up their nutrient stores in preparation for pregnancy, pregnant women, and nursing women, since the calcium demands of the latter are still high, and the requirements for select other nutrients may be higher than during pregnancy.

Who should not take Prenatal Essentials?

Women taking blood-thinning medications should consult their physician before taking Prenatal Essentials because it contains vitamin K.