Adaptogen Tonic (60 ct)

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Adaptogen Tonic is our proprietary HPA-Axis Support Formulation. This licorice-free formula was created as a "liquid veggie cap" because many of our clients and customers are sensitive to the stimulating effects of licorice and may have blood pressure issues where licorice is not an appropriate supplement.

By omitting licorice from this formula, we've incorporated organic ashwagandha root to stabilize energy, mood, and hormones. We added Eleuthero to give you a calm, but energetic attitude. With the addition of Cordyceps Mushroom, we are supporting mitochondrial health as well as increasing endurance for activities like hiking, biking, walking, yoga, swimming and more.

Rhodiola Root acts as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and natural antidepressant. We use American and Red Chinese Ginseng to give a bit of stimulation, that feels much smoother and long-lasting in comparison to coffee or other stimulant drugs or medications.